Real Estate

Jonathan S. Berck understands that buying real estate is often the largest investment of people’s lives, and helps his clients understand the process and does his best to make the transaction run smoothly with minimum anxiety for the client. Unlike most attorneys, he does not delegate real estate matters to subordinates, and is available to answer his clients’ questions and tackle the pieces of the puzzle at all times.

Beyond pure legal services, Jon assists clients in navigating all aspects of the home-buying process, such as mortgages, home inspections, permit and certificate of occupancy issues and title insurance.

Jon partners with individuals and entities buying, selling, leasing or developing residential or commercial real estate. He provides a comprehensive experience by building relationships with real estate agents, builders, financial professionals, banks, insurance companies, non- institutional lenders and non-traditional sources of capital. 

Internationally, Jon handles mortgages and other security interests involving real property, and has a network of colleagues abroad to assist with foreign matters.